Climatemp offers emergency gas furnace repair throughout Mobile and Baldwin County, including Mobile, Saraland, Daphne, Fairhope, Spanish Fort, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Foley and surrounding areas.

When the chill of winter hits and you flip the thermostat to “heat” you expect your house to warm up quickly. If it doesn’t, you may need to call Climatemp for furnace repair services. We service all makes and models of gas furnaces, heat pumps and air handlers. We offer 24/7 service, with no overtime charges.

Local Heating Repair Service

If you’re looking for a local heating repair service, look no further. The HVAC pros at Climatemp have been serving the heating and cooling needs of the region since 1986. That includes furnace repair, service and furnace installation.

Signs You May Need Furnace Repair

It’s Old. How old is your furnace? Not sure? You can usually tell its age by the serial number on the label. Furnaces usually last 15-20 years. If yours is older than that, be prepared for it to break down.

It’s Blowing Only Cold Air. If your furnace is blowing cold air instead of warm or hot air, there could be several causes. Either way, it’s time to call for heating repair service.

The Air is Barely Blowing If the air is blowing weakly all of a sudden, this could signal a problem with the blower fan, but could also be an issue with some of the inner workings of your furnace. Call the experts.

Increased Heating Bills If your bills have suddenly increased but the temperatures have remained pretty steady, it may mean that your furnace is on its last legs and needs to be replaced.

You Smell Gas If you smell natural gas (a rotten egg smell), leave your house immediately and call the gas company. You have a gas leak. Once the gas is turned off, and the source of the leak is found, your next step would be to call HVAC professionals or a plumber, depending on the source of the leak.

Strange Noises If your furnace is making strange noises (beyond the normal sounds) then something is wrong. Call the furnace repair technicians at Climatemp to diagnose and fix the problem.

You Turn the Thermostat Up, But Nothing Happens This could be an electrical issue with your thermostat, but it could also be an issue with your furnace. One of our certified HVAC technicians can sort out the problem.

Constant Cycling If your furnace turns on, then off, then on again repeatedly, it’s over cycling, and working too hard. This could be happening for a number of reasons, including a dirty filter, poor air circulation, problems with the thermostat and more. A trained furnace repair technician can diagnose and fix the problem.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems with your furnace, call the furnace repair experts at Climatemp, or use our contact form to schedule service.

Is it Time for New Furnace Installation?

If your furnace is more than 15 years old and repairs are needed more frequently, it may be time for new furnace installation. Today’s gas furnaces are much more efficient than older furnaces, and can save you money on repair bills and utility bills. We are authorized Carrier dealers and would be happy to talk with you and give you a free estimate.

Climatemp does furnace repair on all makes and models of gas furnaces, and we install all levels of Carrier heating and colling products. Call Climatemp at 251-968-6006 in Gulf Shores for a full range of HVAC services. We are authorized Carrier dealers for Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Daphne, Spanish Fort, Mobile and Saraland AL.