UV Lamps

Our job isn’t complete without addressing things like indoor air quality and efficiency. We offer an entire suite of products that deal with the quality of your indoor air, and each piece of equipment has a specific purpose. UV lamps are mounted in the indoor coil and also the ducting around your system. They are used to kill bacteria and mold that can affect system efficiency and air quality. The indoor coil is where heat energy is removed from your indoor air during a hot Alabama summer. Removing heat energy from the air causes moisture to condensate on the coil, and this creates a prime breeding ground for mold. Mold will affect air quality and system efficiency. A UV lamp mounted in the coil protects your air and your utility bills! We’re a Mobile and Bladwin County air conditioning and heating company dedicated to the absolute, finest indoor comfort solutions for our customers. Our work and customer service are second to none – call us today or schedule a free estimate online!

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